Charitable Team Building

Imprint Group creates charitable team building that's fun and make a difference. Corporate Meeting & Event planners & Groups in Colorado, Florida & Las Vegas. Give back to a good cause while also building camaraderie and having a great time with our Charitable team building options. Whether you have a specific charity or cause you would like to support or want to go with one of our local partners, we’ve got several worthy options and are always up to the challenge to create more! Doing a team building for charity has great benefits for individuals and your entire organization.

Build a Wagon Team Building

In this charity team building event, participants play a series of fun and interactive games in order to earn “Wagon Money,” which is used to purchase items for building their team’s wagon. Fun twists include blindfolds, no talking and more! All wagons and the wagon supplies are donated to a children’s charity of your choice and a representative of the organization is invited to accept the donations at the close of the event. Be prepared, there’s usually not a dry eye in the room!

Build a Bike for Charity Team Building

Teams compete in challenges to earn bike parts in order to assemble and decorate the tricycles and/or bikes that are donated to the charity of your choice. The group is broken into teams who compete in three rounds of competition to earn “biker bucks” where are able to purchase all the parts necessary to assemble and decorate the tricycles and/or bicycles. Once the bikes are built, they then have to decorate them and parade it to the bike specialist who checks it and makes sure it’s in working condition and has been assembled correctly.

Project SOS Team Building

Project SOS is a team building event sure to bring your company together while supporting the troops and giving back to those who serve our country. Teams participate in military-themed challenges and earn money to use in the “Military Surplus” store. Teams then use their money to purchase items and fill their military care package to the brim. Hand written notes are encouraged to include in each care package and make an amazing impact on the recipients who receive them.