Las Vegas, NV


Maxwell Leadership reimagined the business meet-up: why not a gourmet experience where connections are forged over fine dining? The plan was to bring in local culinary wizards for an interactive feast with 150 of their entrepreneurs.


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Las Vegas, NV



The mission: elevate this gathering from merely memorable to utterly transformative. This wasn't just another networking event; it was a festival of taste, set within the whimsical enclave of the Absinthe tent. 


Maxwell Leadership aimed for the stars and landed in a gastronomic adventure, handpicking five culinary celebrities to put a twist on networking. Each course was their canvas, each flavor a talking point. While guests dined, Imprint worked their backstage magic, piecing together a kitchen where none stood before. And as the last fork was set down, the spectacle was smoothly packed away—30 minutes flat, like it was all part of the show. This was finesse in action, with a wink.


In September, we locked down the main street in Golden, CO to celebrate Crows Brewery 150th.Molson Coors has been a long time partner allowing us to support them from incentives, to super bowl to these celebratory street parties. Take a moment to see the work and hear thanks from Lisa Zimmer, MCBC’s Manager of M&E.

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