Orlando, FL

Burns McDonnell at Distributech

A client event bringing technology to life for an opportunity to showcase their capabilities and network.


Number of Attendees

Orlando, FL



Burns & McDonnell presented Imprint with a formidable challenge: to create a spectacular event that not only showcased their cutting-edge products but also captured the essence of futuristic technology. The event needed to be unforgettable, compelling enough to draw the attention of attendees away from the bustling environment of Distributech International.


In order to realize their vision, Imprint scaled the concept to awe-inspiring proportions. Collaborating with 11 Studio, we storyboarded and animated a journey into the future of energy and technology. Our team developed a clean and modern sci-fi feeling, full of imaginative interpretations of the future of the industry, as well as surprising moments for our guests throughout the event. The centerpiece was the 18K wraparound wall by Vu Studio, designed to transport guests as if they were flying through a world powered by Burns & McDonnell. The experience felt so real, the result was more than an event; it was a portal to a utopian future, leaving everyone in attendance mesmerized and talking long after.


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