Charleston, SC

Graebel insideMOBILITY

For many years, Imprint has partnered with Graebel Companies Inc for their annual insideMOBILITY conference. This year we headed to Charleston to create an action packed 48 hours for clients, prospects, and vendors.


Number of Attendees

Charleston, SC



Creating a memorable and highly engaged experience for 125 attendees over the course of less than two days. The goal is to get them to experience the city they are in (Charleston) while also highlighting Graebel’s Core Values and having meaningful General Session & Breakout time.


We assisted the client in creating an itinerary for the 1.5 day event that balanced unique, tailored experiences in the city, with time for content and collaboration onsite at the hotel in the form of both General Session and Breakouts.

Through extensive research of Charleston, we identified activities and places we could take guests offsite to experience the city in a multitude of ways. We also curated incredible evening events that showcased two very different Charleston themes. Night one being a Garden Party and night two leaning into a spookier theme at a historic Charleston venue called The Gadsden house.


Client email received
Oct 16, 2023

I loved, loved, loved working on this with you all. The project was full of pain points for me and you took every single one away. I truly would not have survived without Imprint! I know it's hard to get everyone in the same place but l am hoping we can orchestrate a celebratory meal or outing in the future 😀

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