Transportation Safety

We are proud to partner with the best transportation vendors throughout Colorado. Our transportation partners are always leading the charge with the latest technology and safety standards to make sure guests receive the most efficient drivers and service.

Here are some of the ways our partners lead by example.

Transportation Safety Standards. 

Their fleet of charter buses regularly undergo extensive maintenance inspections including brakes, suspension and drivetrain systems, and heating and air-conditioning. The work is done in their own facility and critical parts are always replaced long before necessary.

They also receive approval from the Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX) for best-in-class safety practices. TSX is an independent rating organization that inspects, monitors and reports on the safety performance of motor carriers. TSX on-site reviews are supported by ongoing performance analysis, making TSX approval the standard of excellence. Our preferred partner is also Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Defense (DOD) approved, further assurance of their commitment to upholding the highest standards.

Vehicle Safety.  

Some of our newest coaches are equipped with leading technology including Electronic Stability Control, tire-pressure monitoring and an automatic fire-suppression system. Each coach also features DriveCam, a palm-sized video recorder that captures events both inside and outside the coach as an extra security measure. GPS tracking automatically records driver activity; dispatchers know the location of each coach at all times, and maintenance technicians are able to troubleshoot by computer. GPS further ensures fleet safety and also lets dispatchers react to last- minute schedule adjustments to assure a smooth trip.

Driver Assurance. 

Highly-experienced drivers go through an extensive, on-going training program that focuses on safety and also covers specialized skills including mountain driving and basic over-the-road maintenance.

All drivers adhere to all DOT hours-of-service rules as well as medical certification and licensing requirements. Our partners also invest in the latest safety technologies equipping its coaches with lane departure warning systems to further enhance driving policies and safety practices.

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