Transportation Entertainment

Whether it’s a direct transfer from the airport to hotel, drive to dinner or moving guests to an off-site venue for an event, here are some simple ways to engage guests and add a little fun!


Guest Entertainment. 

Most people would advise against picking up a hitchhiker or two along the way… we’re just the opposite, however, this isn’t your average hitchhiker!

Professional entertainer(s) will be dressed appropriately with cardboard sign and a life’s worth of supplies in just a backpack or two, stranded along a pre-determined point on the drive. Just when you think your driver is going to pass him by, the car starts slowing and comes to a stop… right next to the hitchhiker. Next thing you know the doors are opening and he’s jumping on board. A hush falls over the bus…

Not to worry, this entertainer will go along with the ruse for only so long before he breaks into a comedic act and has everything letting out a sigh of relief and sharing in the laughter. 


Knowledge Transfer.

Pass the drive time with some educational activities. Present guests with an educational handout about the destination, conference, company, etc. Show a DVD on the motorcoach televisions, provide a trivia sheet on the meeting or conference or even host a vehicle-driven SCANVenger hunt that takes passengers to city landmarks for brief site-seeing and ultimately leads guests to the final destination.


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