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Hip & New Teambuilding

We’d like to share with you two new Teambuilding offerings that are hip, cutting-edge and perfect for a summer outing in Colorado! If you see something you like or want to discuss additional possibilities, we’re happy to customize a teambuilding program just for your group.

SCANVenger Hunt Teambuilding

We’ve taken our traditional Scavenger Hunt and made it high-tech! With the use of Smartphones, this modern day hunt immerses participants in a challenging, clue-solving adventure on the streets of Denver, Boulder, Vail Village, Aspen or Colorado Springs.

Along the way, participants explore vital business issues like brainstorming, problem-solving, time management, team communication, style differences, cooperation (vs. competition), adaptation to change and innovation. The goal is to experience first-hand this most basic fact: that one person, working, alone, could never accomplish the task of solving all the clues.

The Technology

Participants are led on a hunt via a series of strategically placed QR Codes that prompt various tasks or trivia questions. It is completely customizable and can include “Did You Know” or interesting facts as well as tasks to post photos on social media. Points are tracked electronically and all participants are able to view the leaderboard to know exactly where they stand at all times. The facilitator or planner gets a high level view of the progress through a secure website as well.

All guests need is a Smart Phone and a free, QR code reader and they are ready for a completely new and entertaining scavenger hunt experience like no other.

Olympic Games Themed Teambuilding

In honor of the 2012 Olympic Games, taking place in London this summer we have created the “XYZ Company” Olympic Games. This is the ultimate team adventure with an International Olympic flair. Each team is given country and color names, which can be signified by custom team t-shirts or colored bandanas. The groups then create team flags and/or cheers to get them in the spirit of the games.

Teams then rotate through a series of challenges, suggestions noted below, visiting each of the stations throughout the afternoon. Some have a fun twist of course, like sumo wrestling or mountain triking! Scores are compiled at each station and the results are tabulated to determine Gold, Silver and Bronze medal teams. Individual awards can also be given for certain events. Olympic themed décor and/or a reception at the hotel enhances the experience.

Possible Events

–      Archery               –      “Football” Soccer                 –      Wrestling

–      Basketball          –      Mountain Biking                   –      Table Tennis

–      Rowing               –      Rhythmic Gymnastics          –      and more!

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