Core Values

Beyond the Expected: We make an impact and leave a lasting impression on our clients, our guests, our industry, and our community. We do our jobs well and find ways to make a difference and stand out. We always keep the wow factor front of mind to ensure our clients are surprised and inspired by the potential of their events. (Impact)

Create What's Next: Ingenious and inventive, we create emergent and surprising solutions that others might shy away from. We aim well beyond status quo and cookie cutter solutions to create a vision for events that feels fresh and formative.(Innovation)

Make it Count: An event or experience is so much more than a one-time occurrence; it’s a chance for our clients to make their mark. That’s why we think strategically to ensure every detail reinforces our client’s identity, telling their unique story, sharing the key messages that are timely and leaving a lasting brand presence on attendees for years to come. (Identity)

Execute with Expertise: Because we recruit and retain the best and brightest, we instill confidence in all we do. We eliminate the worry for our clients, providing calm, reliable, expertise and execution even when there’s unexpected challenges. We’ve got our clients’—and our colleagues’— backs every step of the way. (Confidence)

Lead with Heart: Relationships are the foundation of our work. We build trust and loyalty by being genuine and authentic. We do what we say and say what we do with care and compassion. Our professionalism and passion are unparalleled because we love our work and that commitment translates to exceptional experiences. (Integrity)

Unique Differentiators

Our business is rooted in TRUST. From our longtime partners and vendors, to our clients new and veteran, we have built the foundation of good business on trust. We strive to always provide the peace of mind that we have our clients’ best interests and the clear goals for each event front of mind. That trust ensures our clients can push well beyond the status quo because they know that the event and their guests are in good hands. 

We are EXPERTS. From on-the-ground destination knowledge, to logistics and media production, our team has insider connections and expertise to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences anywhere in the country. We each bring our unique experience, perspective and worldview to every project, making our team and our ideas diverse and always beyond the expected.

We invest in PEOPLE, not just products. Anyone can find great decor, food and entertainment, but at Imprint, it takes talent to curate the perfect combination of elements for an event presence unique to our clients. Our teams are engaging, dynamic, creative and calm in a crisis. Our clients come back year after year because of the great experience they have working with our incredible staff. 

We think big and provide SOLUTIONS. We don’t just “take our clients order, “we dig deeper to understand the vision and business goals of every event. We then curate solutions to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. While we excel at the details, for us, event experiences are about examining the why and creating a memorable and lasting impact where the sum is exponentially greater than the parts.