Variety Team Building

Corporate Team Building Orlando | Group Team Building & Activities Denver | Team Building Las Vegas Imprint Group has created a unique selection of team building activities centered around working together to complete a common goal. Whether you are building a boat or bridge out of cardboard or painting while blindfolded, our variety team building programs reinforce problem solving, communication and teamwork all while leave guests with an unforgettable experience.

Build A Boat Team Building

Imprint Group’s Build-a-Boat Challenge is the ideal team building to help your team brainstorm and design a project from start to finish. Teams have a chance to win “Port Cash” and purchase boat- building items from the supply store, then work together to construct cardboard boats. The team building finishes with a competition to see who can make it across a pool in the fastest time while keeping their boat afloat. It’s challenging and hilarious all at the same time!

Build A Bridge Team Building

In this team building activity, individuals are split into teams and work together to create sections of a bridge. Each team builds their section, then all units are combined to form one solid bridge. The true test happens when a representative drives a golf cart over the final product to determine the success and functionality of the bridge. Has everyone done their part to create a solid foundation for the cart to cross or will it collapse to the ground? It’s a nail biter and ultimate celebration of success!

Canvas Inspiration Team Building

Bring out the creativity in your group with Canvas Inspiration. This teambuilding consists of five different rounds of competitions that include creating a logo, painting while blindfolded, international knowledge, charades and speed painting. Teams work together to complete each challenge and the Imprint Group MC determine the winner for each round. Which team releases their inner Van Gough and rises to the top? Let’s get painting to find out!

The Hunt Team Building

The Hunt takes your average scavenger hunt to the next level. Teams receive a list of questions and clues that send them all over a designated area. Certain answers require the completion of a task while teams work together to get the most coverage and discover the answers to our riddles. The team that returns first, with all questions properly answered, wins! Teams can stick together or divide and conquer, choose your strategy well.

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