A New Take on a Colorado Theme

Use Colorful Colorado as the Theme for Your Next Special Event or Themed Corporate Event!

It’s no surprise that groups coming to Colorado for meetings and events want to capitalize on what’s special about our state.

We get a lot of requests for events that feature the mountains or harken back to our western heritage.  While we love those themes that are fun and familiar, making them our own and leaving our Imprint, is what we work do to everyday.

As Colorado’s premier Destination Management Company, we know the most innovative ways to take the tried and true Colorado event theme to new heights.

Just recently, we produced a fun, new take on the traditional “Colorado” theme.

If you’ve lived here long or visit regularly, you know the only thing consistent about the weather is that it’s CHANGING. So we provided a seasonal tour of Colorado for our client and their 3,500 attendees at Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos Football Club.

Utilizing both the East and West club levels, we turned each (and the north concourse) into a unique seasonal experience. We loved the transition from season to season and throughout the planning process kept thinking of more fun ways we could make the experience all the more exciting.

Start your event in “Fall” with a tailgating theme (go Broncos!). Consider laid-back tailgate style seating and decor, football themed games, cornhole, Broncos player appearances and a live Bluegrass-style band that makes you feel like you’re at Colorado’s Blues & Brews Fest. Or better yet, elevate the scenic décor and provide more seating with real pickup truck beds and give guests a true sense of tailgating before a fall sports game.

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Transition to Winter with a light snow fall from season to season – we really did make it SNOW!  Include a pop-up ice rink, a snow cone station, a skiing simulator and our one-of-a-kind whiskey wheel with an attendant dressed for the winter. Transform the space further with market lighting and white, lighted transformits, snow machines, a snowglobe photobooth, an ice bar, simulated snowmobile racing and the perfect live and WOW entertainment – the Flying Aces, a trampoline show featuring Olympic athletes!

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End the event amid a burst of color and music in Spring, followed by Summer. This is the perfect season for a Camper photo booth, flower walls, walking vines and farmer’s market inspired decor. Get people active with Virtual Reality kayaking or mountain biking; inflatable mountain climbing or dancing with Silent Disco.

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What do you think of when you think of the Colorado seasons? We would love to incorporate your ideas into your next special event!

By Kayla Ferguson, Creative Solutions Coordinator | Destination Diplomat

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