Leave Guests in Awe

Leave Guests in Awe AXS Group EventsDueling DJs. Guests enjoy the energy and excitement of not one, but two amazing DJs dueling it out with their high tech weapons – their turntables! Yes, these guys are the real deal actually scratching and mixing it up with their amazing mash-ups of contemporary and classic tunes. They deliver a performance to be remembered by all.

BMX Performance. The BMX Pros stunt show features the world’s most extreme bicycle stunt riders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show. BMX bikers burst in doing freestyle tricks off of ramps and grindrails, dazzling the audience with their amazing stunts. Choreographed to high-energy music and a dynamic announcer, this BMX Stunt Team presents an awe-inspiring performance your audience is sure to remember!

Trampoline Show – The Flying Aces. We guarantee guests remember for a lifetime, the things they see and experience during this death defying trampoline show put on by elite athletes. The Flying Ace shows features the famed Flying Ace All-Stars, a popular group consisting of Olympians, World Champions, trampolinists and other well-known acrobats.

The Flying Ace All-Stars have performed around the globe for many corporate functions, groups, meetings, trade shows and private events.

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