Last Minute Multi-Component Special Event? No Problem for Imprint Group

With exactly one weeks’ notice, from the initial email to the start of load in, our team was brought in to redo and authenticate a 4-day, multi-million-dollar program in a secluded location outside of Denver, Colorado.  

With one weeks’ notice, from the initial email to the start of load in, our team was hired to redo and authenticate a 4-day, multi-million-dollar program in a secluded location outside of Denver, Colorado.  

The multi-day event was a “thank you” to the couple’s friends and family.

Our initial contact from their team was via a 4:45am email with the subject line: “URGENT Call me!”  Our client explained the situation, asked if our team and preferred vendors could handle it, and 24 hours later we began working around the clock to execute miracles, in advance and once onsite, to make everything happen including numerous custom items, an insane number of rider requirements and around-the-clock transportation.   

Our role was to plan for and manage the following components over the multi-day program: transportation, onsite and offsite event(s), recreational activities, staffing, registration and a hospitality desk.  

Beginning on the 4th of July, 110 VIP guests started arriving to enjoy a multitude of activities, fine food and wine, back-to-back-to-back evenings of celebrity entertainment and a once-in-a-lifetime Sunday Service finale. 

The highlight and biggest challenge of the program came, less than one week out from the performance date, as they began discussions to add “Sunday Service” and all that surrounded him/it as the weekend’s finale.  After getting through negotiations, they pulled the trigger Thursday, when the guests started arriving, and it was a secret! 

There is no way to adequately describe the magnitude of what happened behind-the-scenes to pull this off in just a paragraph, but it included clearing trees, building roads on a mountain top, erecting a concert structure, turning an alpaca barn into a green room and making ground and other arrangements for the VVIP lead plus a choir of 60, with the total entourage approaching 100! We could go on and on, but the greatest moment came following the performance as we were told our team was “the best they’d ever worked with.”    

Additional highlights included: 

  • Branded items such as custom posters for each evening, signage, napkins and four different logo’d uniforms for 85 catering and onsite event staff.   
  • Managing entertainment riders for 8 a-list acts, including multiple onsite requests that could not be denied due to the level of the talent. As a reminder… we are in mountains, in the middle of nowhere with limited cell service and the closest city/store is more than 30 minutes away, yet we found a way to make them ALL happen!   
  • Activity coordination and 24-hour on call staff to register guests for horseback riding, fly fishing, archery, axe throwing, skeet shooting, a medium, sound bath meditation, yoga, chair massages, astronomy and more.  All organized and finalized in a week and paramedics onsite just in case.   
  • Reducing, revising and/or repurposing nearly $100k worth of décor that had already been ordered with several custom pieces we had to re-adjust to look authentic and not over-the-top.     
  • Around-the-clock transportation including individual and talent transfers, onsite staff shuttles due to limited parking, last minute talent RVs, local guest valet and golf cart rentals with drivers to move around the property.  In total we utilized over 125 individual vehicles!   

To pull a program of this nature off in such a short period of time, our internal team of five worked a total of 311 planning hours in the six days leading up to the program and our onsite team of seven worked 355.5 hours over the four event days, tallying 666.6 hours over the 12 days, including multiple 20+ hour days for several of the team during the program.   

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