It’s All in the Details!

Imprint Group is a Denver creative agency specializing in creative branding and design. We create branded events that will bring your brand to life in a memorable way.

When planning any event, no detail should go unnoticed and at Imprint Group, we only focus on the details! Even the smallest detail can have a huge impact on your event and are key to success. Here are five of the most important details that often get overlooked that should be better focused on to ensure smooth sailing!

  1. Keep the peace at the loading dock! Ensure you know the rules when it comes to the venue’s loading dock. Small details that can be overlooked by those not driving the truck include clearance level, how many vendors can load in at once, truck parking, and other deliveries taking place that day. When vendors have to fight for space at the loading dock it can set the tone for some unhappy vendors. Happy vendors make for happy planners!
  2. Who has the power? It can be easy to forget how important this small detail is, but one blown circuit can lead to a blown event. Collect power requirements from your production team, caterers, entertainers, photo booth, etc. For caterers especially, make sure you understand their amp needs, but also what equipment they need that power for to ensure what they’ve requested is adequate. These requirements then need to be clearly communicated to the venue manager so they can advise on if there is enough power or if power drops are required.
  3. Ready, Set, Go! Be clear on start times for all vendors. If your vendor’s contract time is for 6PM, that’s the time they expect to start. All too often though, clients might want to be ready for doors at 5:45PM to account for the early birds. At Imprint Group, we always have doors ready 15 minutes prior (if not sooner), but make sure your vendors, entertainers and venue are operating on the same schedule. Sometimes this means additional fees, often in 15 minute increments, so make sure you’re on the same page!
  4. The day the music died. Noone wants a good party to end and music is the best way to keep the party going. If you go with a band, chances are, they’re going to require some breaks. It’s hard work putting on a great show, after all! Review set times and make sure you are comfortable with it. When the band breaks, keep the party vibe by playing some great background music. This will not only let the band recharge, but your guests can take a dance break and grab a cocktail. If you really don’t want the party to stop though, consider a DJ – they can usually play longer.
  5. Nothing is too small. We all do things differently and it’s important we communicate the smallest expectations. Small things that often go overlooked are rollups vs. place settings; set water vs. water stations; tip jars for a hosted event; bottled beer vs. draft, linen sizes– the list goes on and on. If you have a expectations on how something is presented or done, don’t assume that’s how the venue or caterer does it. It’s all about the communication!

By Loretta Howe, Operations Manager our “Smooth Operator”


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