Imprint Group Internship Review

Imprint Group is a full-service Event Production and Destination Management Company (DMC) proving Event Management for Corporate Event Planning, Special Events, Live Entertainment, Destination Management Services, Creative Branding, Event Production and more in Denver, Florida & Las Vegas.

My internship with the Imprint Group over the past couple months has been one of fun, learning and loads of new experiences.  From day one I felt welcomed into this very close group of people that seemed to have a very unique but strong bond.  I was immediately empowered to be myself to the fullest and was made to not be afraid to speak up with ideas.  When I initially interviewed for the internship I had no idea the variety of events they are a part of and the depth of knowledge the company as a whole has.  It has been a dream internship in a lot of ways and has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and garner some much valued industry experience.  As wide ranging as I thought my knowledge of the events world was before interning with the Imprint Group, it has become so much deeper and filled in the missing holes.

The best part about this entire experience is the amount of trust we have all been given and how we have been made to feel integral to the operation.  Whether it was being asked to source venues for a client, putting together a proposal or actually stage-managing an event, we were always empowered to do the very best we could.  My personal favorite experience thus far is definitely the chance I had to stage-manage the Courageous Faces event.  It was a rush like I had never felt before while the show was going on and I had to make sense of all of the different things I was hearing, between the headset, the show and whoever I was escorting to the stage at the time. It was also a really cool event because I was asked to help create the Powerpoint for the program and seeing it up live and on multiple screens was great.  This was truly just another example of how they have empowered us throughout this entire experience.

Most surprising of all throughout this experience is how far the reach of The Imprint Group really goes.  The breadth of the company as a whole is second to very few.  It has been fantastic to get an inside look with an organization that has connections in every essential area of any event, whether it is weddings, social or corporate events of any size.  The more I have learned about everyone on the team the more I am impressed by the combined experiences they all have.  It is extremely easy to come in and work everyday, even when it is for free, when you know you are working with some extremely relevant, experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry you strive to be a part of.  The people you surround yourself with and the network you keep say a lot about you and play a huge part in molding your professional self.

I am very proud to say that I have had the chance to work with this amazing group of people and I know this experience will take me far in life.  Throughout this time I have learned so much more about the industry, the technologies and programs that are currently being used in it and about myself as a whole and what I want out of a workplace.  One thing is certain at this point, any place I work in the future is going to have huge shoes to fill as far as workplace culture, environment and cohesiveness.  I believe the reason The Imprint Group is able to make the impossible, possible is due to the amazing teamwork and collaborative environment that has been created by the entire executive team.

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