Increase Attendance at Your Next Event!

Imprint Group Wants to Help Make Your Next Event a Success

AXS Group Team Employee MarcieAs event organizers know, there are many critical details that go into planning a successful event no matter how large or how small the program. The most crucial piece of the event is the attendee! At the end of the day, Imprint Group plans events with a purpose in mind for a specific audience, so how can we ensure a good turn-out for events and increase attendance?

How to Promote Your Next Corporate Event, Special Event or Meeting for Increased Attendance:

  • Focus on the objectives. Work with key stakeholders to understand the goals and outcomes you want to achieve for the program. This will make it easier to connect with your attendees and learn more about what they want or how they learn and respond to the content.
  • Choose an appropriate location, date and time! This is another crucial piece of planning an event. Location is important as you’ll want a memorable destination but one that is also convenient and affordable. Keep in mind where your stakeholders are from and how they will travel to attend. If they will all be arriving late night and jet-lagged, do you want the first day to be an early start or should you budget in some time for guests to ease into the new time zone comfortably. Unless you plan to piggyback off a competing or similar event, be careful not to schedule your event at the same time as another event that your attendees will want to participate in.
  • Invite early and follow up regularly. Create fun teaser clips for the event, any featured talent or speakers? Running a contest or promotion? Post updates regularly across various platforms to keep people interested and engaged. Clearly communicate the benefits of attending the event and give attendees something to look forward to!
  • Look for Event Partners. Build relationships with sponsors or industry groups and look for unique opportunities to cross-promote. You’ll gain more exposure and reach a wider audience. Working with sponsors you can promote exciting product launches or special training opportunities for your attendees.
  • Streamline the registration process. Make it easy for stakeholders to find event details and register for sessions. Offering tours and other optional activities? Keep these consistent with your registration system so you can mitigate the number of questions and confusion for attendees.
  • Invite and embrace digital attendees. Technology now allows attendees to participate no matter where they are in case they can’t physically attend the conference due to schedule commitments, cancelled flights, expensive travel, and many other obstacles.
  • Lastly, follow-up and use the feedback to improve. After the event, do a recap of the program– what did and didn’t work well for the group? Ask attendees for feedback to see where you can improve. Offer incentives or special offers for returned surveys. Be sure to take your notes and all provided feedback to your planning meetings to improve the experience for next time.

By Marcie Lapehn, Operations Manager

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