The Imprint Difference: From Disney to a Unique DMC

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Transitioning from a very corporate, 100k+ employee company to a 20+ employee company was a big deal for me.  Before I joined Imprint Group six months ago, I was working at one of, if not the most well-know Fortune 500 companies in the world – Disney. The experience was invaluable, it was exciting and helped shape me into the hard-working person I am today.

The Disney story started with a mouse and grew into a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon people save for years to experience. Disney is a unique entity, using its own home-built programs, world-class service, and business structure unlike any other. I worked as a Guest Experience Manager, or as most know it, a Front Desk Manager for five years. This is a really challenging job, I quickly grew a thick skin and learned to deal with a wide array of issues I never could have dreamed of. The skills I learned in guest service, problem-solving, creative thinking, cast recognition, theming, and more have transferred beautifully to my new position here at Imprint Group as a Creative Solutions Coordinator.

When I read about Imprint and the job description for Coordinator, I didn’t truly trust it was real.  I had been wanting to transition into the event world for a while, yet every job I shadowed or looked into did not match my ideas –  which were quickly becoming dreams – of what I thought being an event planner would be. I wanted a chance to use my creativity, to build relationships with clients and help bring their ideas to fruition in ways they could not imagine. I wanted to learn from experienced individuals in the event industry, network with other people like me, and push the limits of what a team could accomplish.

Joining Imprint has been a dream realized. Disney was a fantastic playground for me to learn and grow, but they are a well-oiled machine with a fairly strict training guide to keep it that way.  All of their services are provided in-house from staffing to staging to entertainment, which can be convenient for the guest and guarantees consistent service, but it also means the events are routine and produced regularly.  As Ariel would say… “I want more.”

When a client works with Imprint Group, we don’t hand over a list of packaged events they can choose from.  With every client, we spend a lot of time understanding their goals, the message they’re trying to convey, the makeup of the audience and the overall feeling they want their attendees to walk away with. We develop a story board of ideas, personalized to our client for their event. We send customized proposals to every person we work with giving validity to our mantra “Events with Identity.”  I believe this has a far greater impact then the mass-produced experiences most traditional DMCs offer, and our clients agree.  That’s why more than 75% of our customers come back year after year for our services.

Other companies talk branding, theming, and forming lasting relationships with their guests or clients, but Imprint Group acts on all of those and brings them to a whole other level that sets us apart.

by Carolyn Carpuso, Creative Solutions Coordinator

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