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Culinary Team Building

Culinary Team Building Colorado DMC and Destination Management Company (DMC) Corporate Event Planning Company Imprint Group

Hungry for some great team building ideas?  The following are some of our favorite culinary team building entrées served with a dash of competition, a side of camaraderie and heaps of fun!  Offer them alone or pair with a lunch, reception or dinner for the prefect combination platter. Bon Appetit!

Great Salsa Creation AXS Group EventsThe Great Salsa Creation

The Great Salsa Creation is a fun and exciting Salsa Making Challenge!  Teams will compete in a battle of wits in a trivia contest as well as competitive games to win ingredients that will enhance the flavor of their custom salsas. Each team will name, brand and create a marketing presentation for their one-of-a-kind salsa and present them to the group and judges panel.

At the end of the competition, all salsa will be judged based on taste and presentation and a winner will be announced. Following the team building, tortilla chips can be provided on a buffet for a group sampling and reception.

Winery Team Challenge

The Winery Team Challenge begins with a fun, informative Wine Tasting and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive Sangria Making Challenge. A sommelier starts the program with a brief history of wine, followed by a tasting that incorporates aroma sticks to help identify key ingredients in each wine.

Teams (different wineries) name and develop their own brand of Sangria by blending ingredients they have “purchased” at the marketplace. They will also create a name for their product, design a logo for their wine label and decorate their tables for a final presentation, which includes a song or jingle they write and perform.  Lastly, a taste test contest is organized to determine which team has created the best tasting Sangria.

Cupcake Challenge AXS Group EventsCupcake Wars

You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to master this team building, but you sure might afterwards! Designed from the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, teams compete to make, from scratch and then bake, the best tasting and looking cupcake. Culinary assistants are on hand to help guide teams in baking to-die-for cupcake and icing recipes, making it hard for judges to decide between the melt-in-your-mouth flavors that are created.

This activity can take place at a hotel or may we suggest, a nearby catering kitchen and showroom of one of Denver’s top catering companies. Consider pairing this activity with lunch or dinner to make it a complete meal.

Chili Cook Off AXS Group EventsChili Cook Off

We’ll provide all the necessary ingredients, equipment and professional facilitator for guests compete in the ultimate Chili Cook Off! Teams compete is a serious of games and trivia to earn “Chili Bucks” which are only good at the general store to purchase a variety of chili ingredients and enhancements. The better a team does during the competition and trivia portion of the team building, the more possibilities are available for them to create with!

Prizes are awarded to the team that makes the Best Chili and the team that has the Most Chili Bucks remaining after buying chili ingredients. Make a night out of it and place all the (edible) chili on a buffet, paired with salad, cornbread and toppings for a delicious meal.

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Molecular Mixology Colorado DMC and Destination Management Company (DMC) Corporate Event Planning Company Imprint Group

Molecular Mixology – the scientific art of blending textures and flavors on the molecular level to make creative cocktails and appetizing food – is the hottest practice right now. The purpose is to manipulate states of matter to create new flavors, feels, textures and visuals that enhance the drink (which works in similar ways with food dishes) and makes the experience more interesting.

Popular techniques of molecular mixology include the use of foams, liquid nitrogen, gels, mists, heat, solidifying liquids, etc. There are many bartenders and establishments throughout the world that feature or specialize in molecular mixology, just as there are restaurants that specialize in molecular gastronomy.


Molecular Mixology AXS Group Events

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Dishing It Out

Dishing it Out Denver Food Truck Destination Management Colorado DMC and Destination Management Company (DMC) Corporate Event Planning Company Imprint Group

Food Trucks.

Whether you’re looking for comfort or ethnic food, food trucks can cater to everyone’s tastes. Even if you’re staying at a hotel, these are great to incorporate for breakfast, lunches or breaks to get attendees outdoors and a bit of fresh air.

Consider hosting an evening outside under twinkle lights with a handful of Food Trucks, live entertainment and outdoor seating for a guaranteed night of fun.

Ready to Serve Cocktails.

Great for the  summer  season, these ready-to-serve cocktails eliminate wait times at the bar and are the trendiest new libation. A variety of grab and go options include Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Mojito, Margarita and sparkling drinks are available in classic and fruity flavors. Check out some options here:

1. VNC Cocktails – Low-Cal Vodka and Tequila based drinks in eight flavors such as Mango Daiquiri, Vodka Strawberry Daiquiri, Pomegranate Cosmo and Pacific Breeze.

2. VitaFruite Cocktails – Ready-to-drink, organic cocktails come in Lemonade, Margarita and Cosmopolitan flavors.

3. Sauza has introduced their line line called Sparkling Margarita, ready-to-serve bubbly margarita cocktails, available in three fruity flavors. Also new from the Sauza brand: Hornitos Lime Shot, a shot-ready mix of blue agave tequila, natural lime flavor, and salt.

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Attendee Gifts & Amenities

Create an instant impact and a lasting impression with branded program amenities and attendee gifts.  All completely customizable with a logo, message, organization name and/or color selections; these gifts are great as a welcome to the destination or simply to hand out onsite at events or tradeshows.  Options are endless and fit within nearly every budget.

VIDEO BOOKS – We recently made a boring one hour transfer a “Knowledge Transfer” by providing hand held videos for guests to view aboard motorcoaches.  These cutting edge video players come in two sizes, a single 2″x3.5″ business card or a 6.5″x10″ book with the ability to play up to three unique videos.  With a vivid picture and crisp sound, guests passed around books en route to learn more about the company and destination. $75 to $110* each depending on size and graphic design.

CUSTOM SNACK TINS – These personalized metal tins come filled with gourmet cookies, nuts, chocolates, snack mix and more much!  Great as a welcome amenity upon arrival, guests can snack daily and have a great reminder of who to thank for their goodies during their stay and well beyond as the durable container is perfect to take along home and reuse over and over again. Custom tins range from $25 to $70 each depending on size and snack selection.

LOGO’D WATER – Make an instant impact by creating branded water bottle packaging with custom designed labels. Turn your favorite photo, company logo or digital artwork into a water bottle label that guests will see every time they reach for a refreshing drink.  If you aren’t using bottled water, try reusable containers, which can easily be screened with a logo or event name. Guests will use these again and again and they come in numerous sizes and colors, making them easily customizable. $.75 to $9 each.

CHOCOLATE COINS – Label chocolate coins with an event title, conference  name and date, monogram, logo or simply say ‘thank you.’ These can be given out individually, placed in guests’ rooms upon arrival or packaged in organza bags and given away to guests at an event or tradeshow.  Who doesn’t need a little chocolate at the end of a long day?  2.5″ coins in milk or dark chocolate are just $1.50 each*

SUNSCREEN & LIP BALM – Colorado averages over 310 days of sunshine annually and has very low humidity, making it a great place to meet!  Be sure your guests are protected during their stay and beyond with branded sunscreen and lip balm.  Sunscreen can be chosen in the traditional lotion form or as a sunscreen stick in various SPF levels. Lip balm choices let you choose from basic to dozens of flavors and sizes.  $1.50 to $5.00 each.

*quantity minimums, setup fees and shipping vary by product.

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REALITY Team Building Options

We’re sharing with you some of our most popular REALITY team building. You’ve always wanted to compete in the fun and sometime crazy competitions… and now you can! We’ve taken these popular shows and created exciting teambuilding programs that bring groups together through friendly competition, teamwork, creativity and communication. Whether your group is small or large, every team building program will be customized to accommodate your group and budget alike.  If you’d like find out more about these activities or brainstorm to find the best team building program to fit your group size and objective, give our creative and knowledgeable team a call.

In It to Win It:

This team building is adapted from NBC’s hit television competition show, Minute to Win It, where contestants compete in 60-second challenges using everyday household items for a shot to win millions. As each challenge is completed, the level of difficulty increases and so does the prize money!  In our version, teams compete against one another in a series of games to ultimately win the big prize and most importantly, bragging rights. This is a hilarious and heart-pounding teambuilding that integrates strategy, planning, communication, time management and of course, teamwork.

Really Amazing Race:

This take off the TV Show, The Amazing Race, can take place indoors and/or outdoors with each team given a series of clues and activities that takes them on a Really Amazing Race. Maps, instructions, clues and challenges give this scavenger hunt a high energy spin that’s full of friendly competition and team camaraderie. The point of the hunt is to amass points by finding different locations that require a team to perform an activity or complete a puzzle before they’re awarded a new set of clues to move further through the hunt and closer towards finishing. Participant will find that the more they work together, trust and respect each other, the quicker they make it to the finish line!

Cupcake Wars:

You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to master this team building, but you sure might afterwards! Designed from the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, teams compete to make, from scratch and then bake, the best tasting cupcake. Culinary assistants are on hand to help guide teams in baking to-die-for cupcake and icing recipes, making it hard for judges to decide between the melt in your mouth flavors that are created. This activity can take place at a hotel or may we suggest, a nearby catering kitchen and showroom of one of Denver’s top catering companies. Consider pairing this activity with lunch or dinner to make it a complete meal.

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WOW Events

Events in the Sky

A standard ballroom or off-site venue aren’t the only choices to host your next VIP event. Dinner in the Sky is a high flying Sky Box that takes 22 guests to a viewing height of up to 180 feet. 22 guests are comfortably strapped into a leather seat that is secured to a dining table. The dining table and seats are connected to a crane which then performs the lift. The center of the dining table has a walking platform that can accommodate up to 5 service personnel for the purpose of serving food, beverages, picture taking, conducting a meeting or product launch presentation.


Put your logo, message, custom background or design on lamp shades that create an instant impact. A variety of sizes and bases offer completely customized event pieces at affordable prices.

Easy Check-In Technology for iPads & iPhones.

Easy Check In Technology AXS Group Events

Eliminate the paper guest list by checking-in and adding guests with this smart technology. Updates can be made on multiple iPads, iPhones and now Androids and features include uploading a guest list via Excel in seconds and instant VIP and SMS arrival notifications, boarding pass feature lets you send guests printable tickets with unique bar codes and easy download of the guest list to track who attended and when. We can’t wait to use this ourselves!

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Wine & Dine in Denver

New Establishments to Wine & Dine in, in Denver.


Lotus Concepts purchased the Victorian building at 20th and Market where Mori Japanese Restaurant used to be and are – very literally – raising the roof to create a unique deck/bar with incredible views of nearby Coors Field, Lower Downtown (LoDo) and the Rocky Mountains. Below the rooftop bar will be two floors of indoor seating and event space as well as a patio and grassy outdoor area for seating and lawn games.

If there is something that Denver loves, its a rooftop deck and this one is quite spectacular. Scheduled to open in February, ViewHouse has several spaces for groups from 25 to 1,000+.

The Arrangers’ team was treated to a sampling of their new menu recently and we unanimously gave it two thumbs up.  Thanks ViewHouse! 

Infinite Monkey Theorem

This urban winery recently debuted a new winery and taproom (or Wine Lab, as founder Ben Parsons likes to call it) in Denver’s up-and-coming River North (RiNo) neighborhood. This 30,000 square-foot plot is now the headquarters of the Infinite Monkey Theorem manufacturing facility and tasting/taproom.

The tasting room only pours Infinite Monkey Theorem wines, available by glass, bottle or can, along with a filtered pear cider. The digs are stylishly decorated with retro sofas and chairs, cement floors and artistic flashes of color, hand-crafted wooden tables and a wooden community table that seats 20.

The Source

This indoor European market will be unveiled in the summer of 2013 inside a 26,000 square-foot building also in RiNo. Local producers will offer local cheese, bread, coffee, beer and more. Caprock’s newest bar and tasting room will also be housed in this transformed 1880s ironworks building.


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Entertainment Ideas

Create & Share Custom Videos. One of the most effective marketing tools to reach the masses is through video. This may seem like a tall order, one that requires a lot of production, money and time… but that’s not the case if you use a product called Animoto.

Animoto allows you to produce your own videos with photos, video clips and music found on your computer or social media applications such as Facebook (online and from your phone) to create a one-of-a-kind product.

Animoto analyzes the provided photos, video clips and music to generate a video similar to a trailer. The video can then be shared via URL, email or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Its a unique way to present to clients during the proposal phase, create mid-meeting videos, hype an upcoming event or reach guests post-event.

The website offers pre-made video templates with built-in graphics and pre-selected songs or you can start from scratch and create your own as you go. According to the website, the song is analyzed, producing a unique video every time. No two videos will ever be the same.

The program does require site registration and offers pricing plans but we think the final product is worth the fee. The iPhone application allows users to create pieces while mobile and the Animoto Facebook application is just another way for users to produce unique products and share or post the URL to viewers.

Sign up and use referral code: swervlut and to earn additional time on your subscription.

View our Animoto 

Entertain & Educate – Birds of Prey. The Birds of Prey Foundation cares for close to 400 birds each year. Since 1980, they have accepted over 12,000 birds. They arrive orphaned, injured, hungry and in pain. Each one is cared for on a special, personal basis with an average of 100 birds in the facility at one time. Specialized round-the-clock care and large flight areas enable hundreds of these magnficant raptors to regain their freedom to soar again on mended wings. This cause and education provided by the professional staff and demonstration inspires guests.

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Leave Guests in Awe

Leave Guests in Awe AXS Group EventsDueling DJs. Guests enjoy the energy and excitement of not one, but two amazing DJs dueling it out with their high tech weapons – their turntables! Yes, these guys are the real deal actually scratching and mixing it up with their amazing mash-ups of contemporary and classic tunes. They deliver a performance to be remembered by all.

BMX Performance. The BMX Pros stunt show features the world’s most extreme bicycle stunt riders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show. BMX bikers burst in doing freestyle tricks off of ramps and grindrails, dazzling the audience with their amazing stunts. Choreographed to high-energy music and a dynamic announcer, this BMX Stunt Team presents an awe-inspiring performance your audience is sure to remember!

Trampoline Show – The Flying Aces. We guarantee guests remember for a lifetime, the things they see and experience during this death defying trampoline show put on by elite athletes. The Flying Ace shows features the famed Flying Ace All-Stars, a popular group consisting of Olympians, World Champions, trampolinists and other well-known acrobats.

The Flying Ace All-Stars have performed around the globe for many corporate functions, groups, meetings, trade shows and private events.

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Company Picnics – Location, Location, Location

Budget Friendly Venues.

Consider hosting your company picnic at a local park. Larger area parks have shelters and some, event spaces that can be rented for a minimal fee. City Park Pavilions and the Washington Park Boathouse offer great event spaces, gorgeous views and the opportunity to rent paddle boats and other park recreation for guests to utilize.

Make sure to find out what the capacity of the shelter area is, if restrooms are nearby, what parking is like on the day of the week your event will be held, power sources and rental hours (City Park Pavilions for example, rents for nine hours which includes set-up, event and tear-down time.)

Another alternative is to host your picnic or summer gathering in the parking lot of company headquarters during lunch hours or dedicate a Friday afternoon to spending several hours outside among colleagues. If the parking lot doesn’t offer a lot of shade, make sure to provide tents and misters if its a particularly warm day.

Location, Location, Location.

Company Picnics Infinity AXS Group EventsWe’ve compiled a short list of great company picnic and outing locations. These options can accommodate groups from 25 to 2,000+, offering exclusivity and a great experience.

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